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A question about Relationships
I once had a bad breakup of an 8 year relationship. I was in total depression it took me 3 years to overcome it. I moved to a new city for an escape. Here I met a guy in ofc with whom I don't know how I got so close. After my break up I never had any crushes or relations or anything of that sort. One day, I don't know why and how , we both got physical like literally. He cares for me like a kid pampers me a lot and even says he wants to marry me after getting a good position in company. He had 2 previous relationships which he told me abt. One was with a girl where both mutually just wanted physical relations with him nothing more. Other was his teenage kinda relationship. Now I don't know whether to trust him or now its being about 10 months we know each other. I don't wana be trapped. He has never proposed me or something nor we are in a committed relationship. I just feel so shitty with the fact that I lost my virginity and that too with a guy whom I am not in a relationship with. I don't know where's life heading!
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