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A question about Relationships
Hi girls! So I got engaged to a very kind gentleman who is very handsome, kind and a serious person. Being said, I still have feelings for my ex from the past 2 years. I still think about him but I never want to be with my ex. So, I am worried that I will never love my fiancé the way I once had strong feelings for my ex. Secondly, I am the jealous type of person. I know it's very self damaging to be jealous yet I am jealous to the point that I get angry when I see my sisters looking prettier than me or being treated better than me. I know that's crazy since they are my own family. And sometimes I think to myself, what if my sisters settle down with someone better than my fiancé? What if they settle down with a handsomer man who has many good qualities ...?? I hate it that I am jealous .. I mean they are my sisters. So, please help me with these 2 questions. I NEED HELP!!
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